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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

From Wuhan to Pune - China Hurts, India Heals Story with links from 10 major publications

As the Covid 19 vaccine roll out starts from India, the nation which traditionally vaccinates two third of the global population,  a message goes out loud and clear. If China can hurt the world then India can heal its wounds. The virus from Wuhan that killed more than half a million people worldwide in the year 2020 devastated the global economy with the top ten economies other than China recording negative growth. The vaccine development usually a 5 year process saw an innovative reduction to a year by scientists around the world. Several western nations like  UK, US and Canada started distribution of Corona Virus vaccines last month largely from Pfizer. The Chinese and Russian vaccines still reportedly in stage 3 trials are being given to many Middle East and African nations. With the two vaccines from India now ready for rollout a truly scalable counter offensive has been launched against Coronavirus.

3 Vaccines rolled out, a dozen more in line

At 5.40 AM on the 12th January 2021 the first consignment of Covishield Vaccine was despatched from Serum Institute of India Pune after the world’s largest vaccine maker got approval from the Indian Authorities. Three temperature controlled trucks containing 478 boxes of vaccines each left for Pune Airport, with each box weighing  32 kg, revealed a source involved in the vaccine transport arrangements. 

Despite the Corona virus pandemic and the repeated lockdowns, the disruptions and job losses and and the crisis in every major economy, the world bounced back rolling out at least 3 vaccines that completed stage 3 testing and a dozen more that had completed 2 rounds testing and were conducting the final efficacy tests on their products. The 3 vaccines that received approval from most of the Western economies were from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. 

India the largest global producers of vaccine gave approval to two vaccines. The AstraZeneca vaccine  manufactured  at Serum Institutes Pune’s facility under the brand name Covishield  along with the Bharat Biotech producing Covaxin at its Hyderabad plant under licence from ICMR with indigenous technology. Covaxin is under 3rd stage trials the rollout of which is planned by end February after its results are released and approved. India’s vaccine roll out is significant for the poor across the world because the vaccine prices are affordable. 

How China Hurt the world 

That China hurt the world by letting the virus spread and intentionally delayed disclosure to WHO and the international community is fairly established by now. Here is the chronological sequence of events that is now available with documented proof from major global publications.

1st January 2020  : Hunan Seafood Wholesale Market area of Wuhan was sealed due to a mysterious  respiratory disorder An informative National Geography article points the finger of suspicion to the Wuhan wet markets and why they were responsible. 

7th January 2020   :  China identified the virus as a novel Coronavirus. 

11th January 2020  :  The first deaths happened in China 

13th January 2020  :  The virus spreads to Thailand 

15th January 2020 : China imposes travel restrictions from Wuhan to other parts of mainland China but keeps international flights open and the world contracts the Covid 19 virus. Business Insider in another informative  article  explained “Everything to know about the mysterious coronavirus from Wuhan

The Guardian in another investigative article exposed how China locked down early without informing WHO. The traffic data from Tom Tom Traffic Index explains the way how China locked down internally in the month of January and February but the rest of the world getting delayed information could lock down only in March after the virus had uncontrollably spread. So the death count in China remains lower than 5000 while more than half a million people died worldwide The scientific community of the world and the medical fraternity and the Corona healthcare, sanitation, emergency services and police across the world chipped in to see that the world recovers quickly. The vaccine companies innovated to bring out vaccines in record time. These vaccines will rescue the world from Covid 19 and India leads the healing process producing two thirds of the world vaccines.

China says political motives behind India’s vaccine rollout 

This story was perhaps anticipated by none other than the Global Times the official Chinese mouthpiece. In an editorial by expert  Jiang Chunlai from Jilin University's School of Life Sciences, on 6 January Global Times admitted grudgingly that  “ India's vaccine export plan could be good news for global market despite political, economic motive: experts


Here is what it said 


 India makes about 60 percent of vaccines globally and many countries are eagerly waiting for it to begin shipping doses, according to the BBC report. 

Experts suggested that India's vaccines are no less competitive than Chinese COVID-19 vaccines in both research and production capacity, considering that India has the world's largest vaccine manufacturer and lower costs in labor and facilities. 

Despite India's reputation for generic drugs, the country is not behind China in vaccine R&D, Jiang Chunlai from Jilin University's School of Life Sciences, who had visited Bharat Biotech, told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

"India has the world's largest vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India that has a very mature production and supply capacity, even stronger than some Western countries. Indian vaccine manufacturers also have a much earlier cooperation with global institutes including WHO, GAVI and the Pan American Health Organization in South America (PAHO), and earned their trust decades ago," he said. 

"They take a closer approach to Western standards in vaccine development and regulation that has also helped their exports," Jiang said.




The view became trending globally as China and India are engaged in a bitter border confrontation in high altitude Himalayan region of Ladakh. 

The New York Times in December 2020 had given a detailed report of the India China border brawl at 14000 feet in freezing Himalayan province of Ladakh  The NYT report highlights the border brawl and consequent arms buildup along the 2000 mile border and also the skirmishes China has had with other Asian neighbours like Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia and how China has changed after the coming to power of Xi Jinping.

The confrontation with India “fits a broader pattern of Chinese assertiveness,” said Tanvi Madan, director of the India Project at the Brookings Institution in Washington, noting that it was the fourth flare-up since China’s authoritarian leader, Xi Jinping, rose to power at the end of 2012.

So the Global Times report was instantly picked up by several media organisations and put the Chinese leadership on the backfoot.

The report whose link has been given above was carried by Yahoo news and reproduced by several other media sites globally. It clearly shows the Chinese media grudgingly acknowledge that India can heal the hurt the Wuhan Virus has brought about.




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